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Some people dream... so do we - come let's dream together and make it happen


Opportunities are always before each of us. Making the most of those that we can impact is our goal. We are building our region to be the land of many opportunities. Careers, education, recreation, and quality family life.  Helping to insure that Southwest Wisconsin is a great place to live, work and play.



Working together to continually build great quality education for our young people. The future of our region is our young students who will one day become our neighbors. Creating schools with opportunies to meet and present students with career pathways, that provide a vision for their futures, as well as that of our communities.



A region is only as strong as the businesses and employers that provide living wage jobs for all of our communities.We are partnering with those businesses to insure they have a quality workforce to provide them employee/partners for years to come.



Communities are made up of familes and individuals. The strength of any community begins with the foundation of the individuals who are passionate about the place they call home. We have many passionate individuals who are great community members and are willing to work together. They have the desire and drive to build a better place for all individuals in our community.


Southwest Partners mission is to create a healthy forward thinking culture for attracting, retaining and nurturing people and their dreams for our region. 

“I'm very excited to be involved with this group and expect many good things to happen in our wonderful corner of the State. We all love our region and want others to experience our growing story"

Sharon Schmitz, Community Member, Richland Center

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