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Businesses are key to our core economic structure providing employment opportunities and economic growth for better communities. Our business partners recognize the need for strong communites throughout our region to maintain and provide good career path choices.

Community Groups

One of the big keys to Southwest Partners success is the involvement of community in all that we do. It's never just about businesses or schools, but about all the sectors of every community being represented. Our strong community member involvement allows us additional ideas and viewpoints to be sure the cultural shifts in our region are long lasting. Southwest Partners includes Civic Clubs and Organizations, Churches and local government groups, as well as leaders from private and public institutions. Together building Community Culture in a new and exciting broad based relational way.


Strong schools who will listen to the needs of the students, communities and businesses providing the pathways of education to help give the students opportunities to afford lifetime careers in the communities where they grew up.


Every region is only as strong as the individuals that call it home. Southwest Partners enjoys a great wealth of individuals with a passion for the communities and projects that happen here in our region.


“We're a growing broadbased group . We look forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas and dreams for the future of our region. To work with you to develop those dreams and to realize them! So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 

Dale Bender, Southwest Partners Executive Team

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