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Our current intiatives:
The Career Education Cooperative
The Pine River Trails Project
Career Education Cooperative

To create a regional school to career pathway that prepares students for living wage career opportunities for educational growth and good citizenship.


To learn more visit:


Career Education Cooperative


High School students are exposed to potential careers in manufacturing, while they are making choices about their future. This Cooperative contributes to the growth and development of our communities and region, by helping to provide careers in the area where they grew up. This builds and develops strong communities, businesses, and neighbors.

Pine River Trails Project

Canoeing and Kayaking, Hiking, Walking, Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing Trails, and Rustic Camping are the focus of the Pine River Trails Project. We are improving the silent sports opportunities in our region. The project has many facets that will provide local residents, as well as visitors, with great outdoor activities, while encouraging healthy sports opportunities, as well as showcasing our natural beauty.


Visit for more information and the latest happenings.

Pine River Trails Project


One of the beauties of our region is the four seasons and the multiple opportunities that it affords those who both call it home and visit. If you would like more information on the Pine River Trails Project, a true community effort, contact Dale Bender c/o SW Partners at 608-604-4947 or email at:

Community Growth

Our newest initiative for the region is economic development.


Community Prosperity Alliance is an economic development organization working to sustain and improve the quality of life for residents in Southwest Wisconsin.

We have already started community and economic development conversations and work across Richland, Vernon, Iowa, and Grant Counties. 


Community Prosperity Alliance's Mission Statement is;

To create a culture of opportunity, optimism, and prosperity in Southwest Wisconsin

To learn more about this initiative click here.

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