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Community Growth

Economic Development:

1. Business Development

2. Entrepreneurial stimulation and development

3. Workforce Development

4. Public and Private Sector Partnering with Government and Education

5. Supporting Existing Businesses

6. Assisting with Expansion of Existing Businesses

7. Creating Easy Access Paths to Locate in the Area

Social Attraction:

1. Building community through social networking, both virtual and face to face.

2. Creating and enhancing recreational opportunities.

3. Community access (safe routes), bike trails

4. Community treasures, historical sites, unique community characteristics

5. Marketing and Tourism

6. Branding. How do we want to be known?

7. Life amenities, entertainment, shopping, dining, special celebrations

Community Foundation:

1. The means of building a community that attracts and retains people, especially young people.

2. A means of legacy giving to benefit the entire community.

3. A buy in by everyone in the community. Small, medium, and large donations.

4. Assist with the development of new business and opportunities, equity positions with private entities.

5. Community sustainability

6. Keeping legacy dollars to serve the community rather than payment of estate taxes.

7. Creating a community of choice.

To learn more about this project read our article about economic development.

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