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Richland Aquatic Center

Ad-hoc. Committee Members

Pat Elliott

Shane Stibbe

Dale Bender

Mick Cosgrove

Liz Allbaugh Perkins

Kathy Troxel

Ray Wilson

Andrea Wertz

Deb Fontanna

Kathryn Lewandowski

Mayor Kaufman

Jarod Burke

The city of Richland Center, City Parks and Adhoc committee began working late last summer on exploring the replacement of the local swimming pool. The existing pool is leaking and has a very minimum life span remaining. The first thing was to hold townhall meetings to hear the concerns and what the residents would like to see in a new pool. Those ideas were then put into a conceptual drawing and the adhoc committee worked towards ideas and fundraising. Southwest Partners agreed to work as a fiscal agent for donations to the Aquatic Center and a kick off was held in late December with the help of WRCO and Trivia night held at the Community Center. From there the group has worked hard and to date has raised $1,629,289 in pledges and gifts for the project.



The committee was given a not to exceed a 4.8-million-dollar budget for the project.

On Tuesday May 15th, the city council was presented the new drawings for an outdoor pool/aquatic center. The cost was within the budget restrictions and the council unanimously approved the concept design.


The next step is to consider and approve the funding of the project. One consideration was to just replace our existing pool as it exists today. The engineers reported to the council that would be 3.5 to 3.8 million dollars mostly due to bringing it to code etc. The new facility will have many amenities thanks to the efforts and support of many local businesses and individuals and the support of the Joan Woodman Orton McCallum Foundation. These entities are donating and the group has pledged to raise 2 million of the 4.8 million, thus giving the community something to draw others as well as support our local families.


Many have asked about staffing. Our current pool requires around 6 staff members daily and the proposed would require 8-10. Many have asked about having an enclosed facility with Symons. The response to that has many answers. First, the cost was almost four times as much. Then, to staff it all year long with guards would have been difficult as most teens are in school. We asked Symons and they weren’t too interested now and lastly many stated at the public meeting that they wanted to be outside during the summer months and wanted their children in town. One final question that has been asked over and over is length of time it will be open. The hours will increase from what they currently are. The splash pad can also open earlier in the year and stay open well into the Fall if the weather is nice.


There are many ways to support the pool including a naming right or becoming part of our 100 Amazing families who are pledging $2500 to be paid over a 5-year period.


If you are interested in donating you may do so on line by clicking the link and using a credit card or by mailing a check to:


SW Partners

PO Box 651

Richland Center WI 53581


If you would like more information or to pledge to be part of our 100 Amazing Families please call Mick Cosgrove at 608-604-7022, Dale Bender at 608-604-4947 or by talking to any member of the adhoc committee. All donations are tax deductible.


You can stay informed by following the Richland Center Aquatic Center “Waves of the Future” Facebook page.

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