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                                  Making A Difference Nominations Needed

Nominations are now still being sought for this Year’s Making a Difference Awards. The annual awards which are sponsored by Richland Rejuvenates, will be presented at the annual banquet held this year on Sunday January 28th, 2024 at the Phoenix Center Banquet Hall in Richland Center WI.

The awards which began and still look to honor those who have truly made a difference in our daily lives. This is a time when as a community and county we can stop and say thank you and recognize those efforts. Nominations are sought from the community at large to identify those special people that may go unnoticed by the community. It is the community and citizens of the greater Richland County area that truly know who these people are as many of them do the things they do to make a difference quietly and unnoticed. The organizers often hear “you should have given that award to this person” and the response is always, we can’t unless you nominate them and tell us about them. After a long couple of years of fighting a pandemic and all the community has been through there are many well deserving recipients.


The following are the categories to nominate.

Business of the Year is a business that has made a deep impact on our community through its work, its employee impact, its volunteerism or its leadership to create growth and a true sense of community.


Outstanding Organization Award is an organization, formal or informal, that has made a deep impact on our community through its work, its vision, its volunteerism, or its leadership to create a caring, compassionate community.


Civic Leadership Award goes to an employee of the city, county, state or other governmental agency who goes above and beyond the call of duty to enhance Richland County. This could be a city, county or state employee, a member of city council or county board, school board member or school employee.


Non-Profit of the Year, there are many nonprofit organizations that make our county a better place to live and deserve recognition.


Best Face Forward Award is presented to recognize a business or commercial property owner who has improved the appearance of a building or property in our community.


Community Stewardship Award is for an individual or couple who has truly made a difference in our community, providing inspiration and vision, by touching the lives of Richland County residents. Their impact and dedication does make Richland County "the center of it all". Stewardship is an ethic that embodies responsible planning and management of resources.


The Emergency Responder Award will give special recognition to the individuals who risk their lives to save others. Nominations are encouraged in support of firefighters, law enforcement officers, EMT's and First Responders.


The Educator of the Year, nominees should have built strong and caring relationships with students while excelling and demonstrating a knowledge and passion of the subject matter showing they have taught that subject effectively to their students. This person should also understand the individual needs of students, encourage the students to use their talents and foster their self-esteem. The recipient should be able to show they can foster cooperative relationships with their colleagues and the community.


Medical Hero Award or Health Care Professional of the Year, this award goes to anyone working in the medical field which could include, doctors, nurses, cna’s or anyone involved in serving in the medical arena in anyway. Including those behind the scenes such as support staff etc. This award winner is someone who gives of themselves to make us a healthier community.

Up and Coming Youth Award, this is a new award to the event but is meant to recognize someone 18 or under who is making a difference in the community or school etc. The recipient should be someone who puts others before themselves demonstrated by the example of their efforts.



All nominees for these awards come from the general public. The criteria for the nominations are as follows: The nominee must be a resident of Richland County; Businesses must be either be located in or doing business in Richland County; The following attributes are critical for the nominee: Strength of Character Leadership and Creativity Dedication to the Welfare of Others.

These awards may be given for work done in the previous 12 months, or for an entire body of work. Be sure to tell why you nominated this individual or business with as much detail as possible to allow us to properly share with the public their contributions and how they are “Making a Difference”.


Nominations are easy, you may submit a nomination by going to and clicking on the Making a Difference Link and nominate. You may also mail the information to Making A Difference c/o Southwest Partners Inc PO Box 651, Richland Center, WI 53581 or email your nomination to or drop the information off at the 1313 West Seminary Street STE 100 in Richland Center WI 53581. Nominations are due Jan 05, 2024, at 5pm. We ask that you do not just submit a name as that tells the selection committee nothing about why the person is being nominated- please add a couple of paragraphs of why you are nomination the person. Together lets say thanks to those who make this place we call home better!


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