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Some of our ever growing list of partners

Our group includes churches, clubs, non-profits, civic groups or organizations that all believe we are a stronger community when our young people find their pathway with opportunities to build a great future in our region. This is what makes this Cooperative unique, it involves another sector that brings support and other programs to help insure that what we dream can not only become reality but it helps us to build strong and healthy communities of choice.


Metco Inc  


Schreiber Foods


Seats Inc


Lowe Manufacturing


Rockwell Automation


City Utilities


Minature Precision Components MPC


Foremost Farms Inc


Scot Industries


Alcam Creamery


Dairy Wisconsin


Richland Center Foundry

Hillsboro Schools


Kickapoo Schools


Riverdale Schools


Eagle High School


Richland Center Schools


Ithaca Schools


Southwest Technical College


UW Richland

Westby Coop Credit Union


Richland Rejuvenates


Richland Center Fellowship


Five Points Lutheran Church


Richland Center Govt.


Richland County Govt.


Civic Clubs and Organizations 


Many Individual Community Members


Richland County Parks Board

Sharon Schmitz          Dottie Behling


Cindy Chicker              Sue Patch 


Marrie Waldsmith      Jim Patch


Justin Lockwood        Robin Cosgrove


Brett Iverson


Keith Behling

Capital Wealth Advisory Group              Wallace Cooper & Elliott                      Richland County Bank

“These are great opportunities and relationships are so key" 



  Larry Engel, Pastor Five Points Church    

“Relationships are the heart and soul of small towns and villages and therein lies the appeal".”

Cynthia Chicker, Assistant Administrator Richland Hospital

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